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kashmir1 and I share a bit of personal canon that says John Sheppard is so flexible he could have probably sucked his own cock when he was younger. We often like to daydream about this, and about how far back he could bend his legs while someone fucked him. Tonight, after we had let our eyes glaze over for a little while, Julie worked some sort of google magic and stumbled upon these gems at french-kamasutra dot com.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who gasped out loud upon seeing the guy bottoming. It's almost too good to be true, right? But wait, there is so much more. (Just put the fact that some of them seem to lack the correct parts down to stylistic choice. )

Mel: mmmm, that is TOTALLY the time john manages to ruin not only the sheets but the mattress pad
Julie: *whimpers*
Julie: that's so fucking hot
Julie: god
Mel: nghan
Julie: and rodney would try and make john sleep in it - 'you made that mess, sheppard. i am so not sleeping in it' - but john would just drape himself all over rodney instead
Mel: yesss!
Mel: especially since, john would argue, rodney MADE him make the mess
Julie: and rodney would sort of smile smugly and be all 'i did, didn't i?'

There are a few more, all varying levels of John and Rodneyness - one has them holding hands, which is adorable. Thank you, french-kamasutra dot com. Thank you.

EDIT: So, I'm gonna turn this into an impromptu ficathon, since people are ALREADY participating and that is FABULOUS. The rest of this week, no limits - art, fic, whatever you want, just as long as it's some good old fashioned porning based somehow on these pictures. You can obviously keep going if you're inspired but can't finish your project out by next Sunday, but I'll be putting together a master list of everything that's in by then. Look at me, being optimistic about participation! \o/

The Kamasutrathon!
1. Comment Porn, by ladycat777 (R)
2. Seven Days, by siriaeve and sheafrotherdon (NC-17)
3. One Step Further, by thegrrrl2002 (NC-17)
4. Comment (Almost) Porn!, by devikun (R)
5. La Pieuvre, by anyanka_eg (NC-17)
6. (You and Me and) The Games People Play, by monanotlisa (hard R)
7. Not Nineteen, by sugarsbadhabit (R)
8. A modified McShep version of pic seven, by crysothemis (Adult)
9. Comment fic for picture three, by zinfic (NC-17)
10. Introductory porn!, by all_my_fandoms (NC-17)
11. Traditional Kind of Guy, by cpwatcher (NC-17)
12. The Scientific Method, by clear_as_blood (NC-17)
13. I'll Let You Down Gently, by vida_boheme (NC-17)
14. Pretzel, by pennyplainknits (PG-15)
15. Script, by aesc (NC-17)
16. Beautiful drawing, by mokarran (Adult)
17. Breaking the Sound Barrier, by telesilla (NC-17)
18. Sense, Senseless, by hestia_lacey (hard R)
19. Altered version of picture number one, by unamaga (Adult)
20. Always Get Your Way, by kashmir1 and unamaga (NC-17)
Tags: cleverly disguised, john sheppard!, kash, porn
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